Loan Limits 580+ Credit Scores


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Welcome to our Loan Application Portal, you must first create a Homebuyer ID # and be approved by to receive Down Payment Assistance before you can submit your Mortgage Loan Application.

Once and our Non-Profit Organization approve your Down Payment Assistance Grant, your 501(c)(3) Counselor will indicate to you when our Preferred Lender is ready for you to proceed with your Mortgage Loan Application.

A Loan Officer will then review your Loan Application with you and order your Credit Report to obtain a DU Pre-Approval directly from the Fannie Mae - Freddie Mac Interface, which specifies the details of your Mortgage Loan Pre-Approval and what is needed to process it and close your home purchase.

The Mortgage Pre-Approval Process takes 3 - 5 days. After that, will be put in touch with one of their Preferred Realtors helps Homebuyers with 580 Credit Scores, Nevertheless, all Down Payment Assistance Recipients who onboard with less than 680 Credit Scores are required to enroll in's Credit Supplements before their loan application can be approved.

*** Your cost of ordering your Credit Report is $39.00 , paid for by Credit Card.
*** Credit Supplements increase Scores as much as 90 points by inserting Rent History and Utilities.
*** The cost of Credit Supplements to report Utilities, cable, Mobile Phones, or car insurance is $36.00 each.
*** The cost of Credit Supplements to report 2 Years of Rental History is $145.00 per person or $170.00 with a spouse.
        Please refer to Credit Supplements on our main page

In the next page, you will be asked to create your username and password to submit your Loan Application