Print this page, check-off your progress, and upload this completed sheet with your Supportive Documentation.
This is a Optional Step for Clarity and Convenience

1. Check Mark __________ Play these “Customer Training” videos:
 a. Customers Start Here
 b. Customer Success Training
 c. On-boarding Call with 501(c)(3) Counselors
 d. Frequently Asked Questions
 b. Workflow

2. Check Mark __________ No History of Bankruptcies, Foreclosures or Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure in the last 3 years. Note: 2 years may be acceptable when caused by an isolated, unavoidable and resolved loss of income.

3. Check Mark __________ No History of Short-Sales in the last 4 years.

4. Check Mark __________ ONLY Existing Properties Listed For-Sale on the MLS
 a. No Short-Sales Properties
 b. No Foreclosed Properties
 c. No Bank Owned Properties
 d. No For-Sale By-Owners (FSBO's)
 e. No Transactions from Builder working outside of FMH network

5. Check Mark __________ Use the FMH Down Payment Assistance Calculator

6. Check Mark __________ Use

7. Check Mark __________ Use - Check Credit Scores

8. Check Mark __________ For Less than 680 Credit Scores, Credit Supplements is strongly recommended, which may increase scores up to 90 points:
 a. Report 2 years of Rental History. Individual ($145.00) with spouse ($170.00) Enroll here >>
 b. Report Utilities Payment History ($36.00) >> Our preferred Lender will enroll you
 c. Report Mobile Phones Payment History ($36.00) >> Our Preferred Lender will enroll you
 d. Report Car Insurance Payment History ($36.00) >> Our Preferred Lender will enroll you
 e. Student Loan Re-Structuring ($0.00) >> Our Preferred Lender will enroll you

9. Check Mark ___________ Use the FHA County Loan Limits Calculator

10. Check Mark __________ Use the Fannie Mae County Loan Limits Calculator

11. Check Mark __________ Watch the VA-USDA Zero Out of Pocket videos

12. Check Mark __________ Use the USDA Income Calculator and Property Eligibility Website

13. Check Mark __________ Watch the DO’S AND DON’TS video (Things to Avoid)

14. Check Mark __________ Register and get your Customer ID # from our HomeBuyer’s Registration page

15. Check Mark __________ Confirm that you have and will provide all applicable Supportive Documentation

16. Check Mark __________ Use the Document Up-Loader (remember to save your username and password)

17. Check Mark __________ Did your Enrrolling Sponsor confirm with you that you uploaded all of your Supportive Documentation?

18. Check Mark __________ Did your Enrolling Sponsor confirm with you your Credit Scores?

19. Check Mark __________ Did your Enrolling Sponsor confirm with you your County Loan Limits?

20. Check Mark __________ Did your Enrolling Sponsor use our Down Payment Assistance Calculator to confirm the Dollar Amount of your Potential Eligibility?

21. Check Mark __________ Did your Enrolling Sponsor use Zillow to match the Dollar Amount of your Potential Eligibility to your Local Real Estate Market Conditions?

22. Check Mark __________ Did your Enrolling Sponsor confirm with you the Do's and Don'ts (THINGS TO AVOID BEFORE CLOSING)?

23. Check Mark __________ Did your Enrolling Sponsor confirm with you your Homebuyer Customer ID Number?

24. Check Mark __________ Did your Enrolling Sponsor confirm with you completed and uoploaded your Pre-Submission Quiz?

25. Check Mark __________ Are you prepared to show your Available Funds to close seasoned and deposited in your bank account for a minimum of 2 months
 a. Credit Report ($39.00)
 b. Home Inspection Report ($350.00)
 c. Appraisal Report ($450.00)
 d. Earnest Deposit to Seller ($3,000.00)
 e. 2 - 3 months mortgage payments reserves ******
 f. The total amount needed from Homebuyer(s) is displayed by the FMH Down Payment Assistance Calculator

26. I ____________________________________________________________ am seeking Down Payment Assistance from and acknowledge my understanding as follows:

27. Check Mark __________ There are 2 conditions in which mortgage approved homebuyers receive’s Down Payment Assistance: (1) They publicize our down payment assistance by posting a social media post when they get a clear to close before they close, and (2) they use the services of our preferred lenders and realtors.

28. Check Mark __________ The 501(c)(3) only provides Down Payment Assistance at the day of closing, therefore, it is you who must provide your own initial out os pocket funds to engage the Seller in a purchase transaction.

29. Check Mark __________ is neither a Residential Lender nor a Residential Real Estate Broker, as such it does not offer or broker Residential Mortgage Loans, nor broker the Sale or Purchase of Residential Real Estate. is a Down Payment Assistance Program managed in collaboration with Real Estate Mortgage Grants and Down Payment Assistance, Inc., a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Organization.

30. Check Mark __________ Information received from is NOT to be construed as an offer to lend or Broker Residential Real Estate

31. Check Mark __________ My Down Payment Assistance Specialist will not ask or collect Money, or information related to my Social Security, Date of Birth, Credit Report, Credit Accounts, or Bank Accounts. FUNDMYHOME.ORG PROHIBITS ITS ASSOCIATE MEMBERS FROM COLLECTING MONEY OR DOCUMENTS FROM HOMEBUYERS OR OTHER ASSOCIATE MEMBERS.

32. Check Mark __________ There are NO Fees associated with; No Application Fees, No Broker Fees or added Closing Costs, as Closing Costs are typical and Customary; Nothing More, Nothing Less. Nevertheless, certain upfront costs are paid directly to service providers out of Home-buyers’ own funds: Credit Report Approximately $39.00, Appraisal Report Approximately $450.00, Property Inspection Report Approximately $350.00. And Earnest Deposit paid directly to Sellers which is recommended to be a minimum of $3,000.00, which amount may total about $3,839.00

33. Check Mark __________ We want our banks to approve Homebuyers’ loan requests, therefore recommends that homebuyers show 2 – 3 months mortgage payment cash reserves left in their bank accounts above and beyond the $3,839.00 listed above.

For your convenience, the actual total recommended amount, which you will need to show in your bank account(s) prior to initiating your Home Buying process will be displayed for you by our FMH Down Payment Assistance Calculator. Some conditions apply (when using gift funds, you will be required to show a gift letter and two months bank statements from a family member before you initiate your Home Buying process).

These funds, whether your own, or gifted from a family member must be already seasoned/deposited in your bank account for a minimum of 60 days prior to application.

34. Check Mark __________ PLEASE NOTE: At its sole discretion, may decide to help Lenders in bringing Homebuyers to close with $0.00 out of pocket...... Additionally...., All Mortgage Approved United States Veterans holding VA Certificates of eligibility, and Homebuyers Approved for a USDA Mortgage, buying a Home inside of a USDA Designated Area can always close with with $0.00 out of Pocket. What this means is that applicants who is able to help to close with ZERO Out of Pocket may recover their initial out of pocket expense (Credit Report, Appraisal Report, Home Inspection Report, and Earnest Deposit).



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